TAGA 2016: Adventures, Academics, and Awards


The RIT attendees to the 2016 TAGA Conference pose with their awards from this year’s student competition. 

As we sit in the Memphis airport waiting for the flight to take us back to our school’s home city of Rochester, New York from this year’s Technical Association of the Graphic Arts conference and competition, we can’t help but sit back and reflect on what a rewarding experience it has been.

Not only were we able to meet, network with, and learn from industry professionals and fellow students alike, we were also able to see how we stacked up against the stiff competition we saw from Ball State University, Appalachian State University, Ryerson University, Clemson University, Grenoble Institute of Technology, and Michigan State University.

We are proud to be bringing home both the award for Best Electronic Publication and Best Technical Writing for our 2016 TAGA Publication. We are unbelievably moved and honored that all of our hard work paid off, and to be recognized as such for something that everyone on our team poured their heart and soul into. And we know we couldn’t have done this on our own – we owe everything to RIT’s School of Media Sciences and its wonderful, talented staff; Mohawk Paper, who so generously donated all of the paper used in the creation of our publication; Jade and the rest of the production staff at B Squared in New York City for showing us around and letting us become part of the process of binding our book; and of course all of those who donated to us to help us make this feat possible. We are eternally grateful to all of you.

Additionally, I would like to recognize all of our members for the dedication and passion they showed. We know that it is sometimes difficult to fit everything into our hectic schedules, but everyone did such fantastic work. We couldn’t imagine a better group of people to have worked with on this year’s publication.

Finally, I want to extend a huge amount of thanks to my fellow eboard members Alissa Roy, Olivia Konys, Hannah Mulford, Mitchell Morgan, and Abby Austin. All the planning sessions, long nights, stress-filled moments, problem solving, and twelve hour days spent in the printing lab were truly worth it.

And now we’re ready to do it all again for next year. See you soon, TAGA!

-Mandi Moon


TAGA Conference: Day 2

Today consisted of more of us showing off our publication and some fascinating lectures on cross media communication and different printing methods, but we also got a chance to walk around Memphis. It was incredibly interesting since none of us have had the chance to visit before.

We walked up and down Beale Street, visited a few local shops and eateries, and strolled along the Mississippi River.  We know for a fact that it snowed today in RIT’s home state of New York, so we were glad to experience the sunny weather we haven’t seen for so long in Rochester. 

Tonight is the student dinner, at which we will have the chance to network with the other student chapters, and tomorrow we will find out how we measured up against the competition at the awards banquet. Wish us luck!


TAGA Conference: Day 1

We’re fresh from our first day at the TAGA 2016 Conference! After checking in and setting up our books, we attended several interesting keynote sessions on topics ranging from web offset printing to the Internet of Things. We are relishing the chance we have to show off our hard work on both our print and digital publication to industry professionals as well as other stufents, and we are excited to see what the rest of the conference brings!

We have also been lucky enough to get the chance to walk around Memphis for a little bit and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the homey Blue Plate Café on Main Street just a ten minute walk from our hotel. The area is beautiful, and we can’t wait for more opportunities to explore!

Arriving in Memphis!

After eleven hours and three airports, several of our members have arrived in Memphis for the annual TAGA competition. We’re excited to explore the city and see how we fare against the competition! Wish us luck!



3D Printing for our 2o16 Edition

In the last several weeks, we have been working on 3D printing several small versions of our logo and affixing them to the front of our books.


We printed out logos for 60 of the 200 books we produced on a MakerBot in RIT’s School of Media Sciences. Check out the video:

Museum of Modern Art

TAGA Creative Director, Olivia Konys, had never been to the MoMA before, so we decided to go while we were down in NYC.

We were impressed by the variety of books that were considered art and were tempted to create a tiny book such (left image.) However, we were extremely excited about Starry Night.